ArmorThane UltraBlast Coating

Polyurethane & Polyurea Coating Applications are Minimal only by Your Creativity.

ArmorThane polyurethane and polyurea products are permanent sprayed-on linings of which protect your areas. Along with numerous software each of our polyurethane material and polyurea linings are suitable for industrial, residential, ocean, auto, military use and more. Accessible in high strain and low strain applications, view the features of ArmorThane’s polyurethane and polyurea spray on coatings listed below or browse example programs and even featured products.

Varieties of ArmorThane Products
Most of us have both broad-spectrum linings and ones having specific problem-solving attributes. Link to item categories to study extra or simply call us using your issues and we will help you select the best product option.

Basic Polyurethane material – Bed Boat, Auto, Marine, Equipment
Wide Array Abrasion and Compound Proof Polyurethane
Flexible Polyurethane – Easily Milled, Travel
Fire Retardant Polyurethane ~ Health-related, Schools
Polyurethane Expanding Memory foam – Insulation
Roll-on Linings – Floors, Pavements in addition to Decks
Broad Array Polyurea – Abrasion / Chemical Resistant, Waterproof
High Deterioration and Chemical Immune Commercial Strength Polyurea – Olive oil & Gas
Large Rubbing Wear Resistant Polyurea ~ Mining
Aluminized, A deep thinker Polyurea – Roofing
Particularly Soft – Transportation
Highly Rigid Polyurea – Covering Froth
Moisture Cured Polyurea – Sanitation, Humid Conditions
Tolerable Water Safe Polyurea ~ Tanks, Pipes, Foods
Fire-resistant Polyurea – Medical, Schools, Industry
Slip Proof Polyurea – Safety, Travel
Boost Mitigation Coatings ~ Army, Public Safety
GOOD Color Coating Protection : Change Resistant Surfaces
Dispersed Upon Coating Features
Polyurethane and polyurea are a lot more durable than rubber or even paint.

Flexible in many weather conditions; no treatment in heat or getting brittle in cold
Stands up in temperatures from -80°F to 280°F
Stretches 3 times its length without bursting
Waterproof hurdle to stand against corrosion, molding
Quick dry out allows easy application
Safeguards high wear areas
Damage and scratch resistant
Zero chipping or perhaps peeling
Substance resistant
Lowers noise and even vibration
Polyurethane material and Polyurea Products Are Proven Secure
Solvent-free so not forceful as well as the environmental threat; no more VOCs or CFCs
Safe alternatives for potable liquid storage units
Slip and even skid proof
ArmorThane Linings Offer the Look You Need
Range connected with base colorings
Exclusive UV ColorCoat system for a personalized fit to any manufacturer’s motor vehicle color
UV ColorCoat balance sustains the look possibly in continuous direct sun light
Graphics and outlining software
Applied thickness ranging from merely 1/16″ to 4″ based upon on the need
Easy to clean

As a new world-wide boss in business coatings together with spray-on truck bed liners, ArmorThane offers a full line of the best quality polyurethane and polyurea coatings and even high-tech spraying gear and supplies. Our professionally-applied 100 % pure and hybrid polyurethane material together with polyurea formulas are extremely durable, flexible and safe.

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