Three Things You Mightn’t Have Known About Gin

Gin is among my favorite spirits as well as I have spent the best part of my time over the previous 10 years teaching people about its production, history, virtues, as well as alcoholic drinks. I have discussed the spirit at events such as the International Association of Culinary Professionals and Stories of the Cocktail. When a good friend of mine initially began to develop his own gin dishes, I jumped at the opportunity to help. He spent over a year perfecting his recipes as well as the result was two remarkable and one-of-a-kind gins that are being generated. I believe gin to be the essential alcoholic drink spirit, and this work has motivated me to begin working with my own gin.

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Below are three things you might not understand concerning the spirit, along with distillery trip information as well as a mixed drink recipe:

  • Gin is for cocktails, out its own

You can consume tequila, and mescal as shots, as well as vodka is served cooled with food, or zakuski, in its country of origin. Rye, single malt, and whiskey enthusiasts might add some ice or a sprinkle of water. Gin is meant to be blended, nonetheless, as the botanicals, such as spices, herbs, and so on, are revived in mixed drinks and add intricacy to the drink. This is why many timeless alcoholic drinks require gin.

  • There are more classic cocktails made with gin than with any type of other spirits

Negroni, Martinez, Ramos Gin Fizz, Gin Rickey, Tom Collins, Red Snapper, White Girl, Clover Club, Hanky Panky, Alexander, Gimlet, French 75, Vesper, Silver Bronx, Singapore Sling, Pegu Club, Southside, Bee’s Knees, etc. Which is simply scratching the surface!

  • London dry gin is not always from London

Gin does not have the same geographical restrictions as spirits such as scotch, cognac, or tequila. Only a small handful of London’s total dry gins are really made in the city. There are, nonetheless, 13 gins that have a “geographical indicator.” One of the most famous of these is Plymouth gin, which has been made in Plymouth, England since 1793.

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